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your home and belongings, at risk. Get flood insurance  today. It probably cost lest than you think. 


If you do not have a flood insurance policy and you are interested in getting a quote for a flood insurance policy without a 30 day waiting period, call us now or complete the flood  questionnaire and return to us by email or fax. Most locations will not have a waiting period under this new private insurance program.  If there is a moratorium in effect due to a Tropical Storm, once this is lifted, we will be able to price this and you will be able to purchase flood insurance. Send your request for a quote in now so we can assist you as quickly as possible.  We have all seen that the unthinkable can happen with extreme weather the new norm, we recommend flood insurance to everyone.  The sooner you purchase this the sooner your coverage can go into effect so do not delay.

We make this simple as you may purchase coverage over the phone. Call for a quote today!

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Damage to your property by rising water is not covered under the homeowner policy. A Flood Insurance policy is needed to protect your home against flood damage.

Flood premiums are lower for homes that are not in a high risk area for flooding, so this may be inexpensive peace of mind you may want to consider.  Keep in mind that everyone lives in a flood zone, whether it be a high or moderate flood risk area.  More than 25% of all flood claims are for properties located in moderate - risk flood areas or those where flooding is not expected.  Don't put