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After a hurricane has passed...

If you and your family were forced to leave your home – or if it has been severely damaged from the hurricane – wait for authorities to give the all-clear to re-enter. Then:

Contact your insurance company or agent to report your claim. Talk to us

Look for flooding in the wake of a hurricane. Rising water can produce dangerous conditions hours or even days later.

Check for structural damage before going inside.  If dark, use a flashlight – not matches, a candle or a lighter. An open flame could ignite leaking gas.

Listen for reports to see when drinking water is safe.

If there is water damage, consider hiring a professional water damage cleaning service. Otherwise, begin your cleanup as soon as possible – washing and disinfecting items that have been touched by floodwater.

Take photos of any materials that must be disposed.  Keep a section of the carpet pad the adjuster will need to see.  If the carpet cannot be held out of doors until the adjuster arrives, cut a square foot of carpet to keep to show the adjuster.  Document everything by taking photos.

Use your cell phone or camera to take pictures and video of the damage that can be used to document your insurance claim.  You cannot take too many pictures.  Document the condition of every part of every room of your home before you start removing damaged belongings.

Wear a mask, gloves and coveralls when cleaning up your property to reduce exposure to hazardous material.

Leave a section of sheetrock from floor to ceiling intact to show the water level.  Do not remove & discard any parts of the home that were not damaged, such as light fixtures, built in appliances, etc.

Keep all receipts for items purchased to prevent further damage or for any items you purchase to replace damaged goods, etc in a shoe box in a higher level in your home or other secure location as your adjuster will need these to reimburse.

Even with the best preparation, you can still sustain damage from unexpected events like a hurricane. Contact us today to protect your home with the right homeowners insurance, and you can reach our claims center any time you need us.